The Little Spudragon

The Little Spudragon

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The Little Spudragon is a curious and determined potato dragon. A tourist of life and a great explorer of the little things that surround her, La petite dragouille is eager for experiments of all kinds. For her, everything is to be discovered and she does it in her own way and at her own pace. Inspired by the eponymous book collection, this humorous animation series transports children to a world full of imagination. In each 3:30 minute episode, La petite dragouille takes an interest in a phenomenon known to the target audience and attempts to achieve a goal that seems nearly impossible. Thanks to her naïve inventiveness, our potato heroine always manages to find unusual solutions to achieve her goals. With it, creativity, fantasy and resourcefulness take pride of place!

Animated Series

Target audience: 3 to 5 years old

Episodes: 15 x 3 minutes 30 seconds

Number of seasons: 1

Director: Marie Émilie Rowe

Writer: Anne-Helene Prévost

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