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Dive into the fantasy world of Vakarma where music, nature and laughter intertwine!

Follow the incredible adventures of Mara and Xilo (MaXi), “part-time” conjoined teens, as they explore the luxurious world of Vakarma. MaXi features kind, cheeky and assertive young heroes, strong musical elements and highlights diversity.

The twins’ family is exceedingly normal. There’s Pierce, their dad, a blind journalist; Petunia, their mom, a conformist puppet; and Oliver, their little brother, who has an uncanny perception of the world. Mara and Xilo also have animal totems: the octopus of eclectic music and the elephant of rock. Not to mention Jack, a second-hand talking unicorn who doubles up as a means of travel and professional Dreamworld guide!

Target audience: 8 to 11 years old

Episodes: 26 x 11 minutes

Number of seasons: 1

Broadcaster: Groupe Média TFO

Distributor: Mediatoon

Director: André Kadi

Writers: Louis Patalano, Alexandra Larochelle, Éric Godin, Emma Berthou, Anne-Hélène Prévost, Frédéric Simard

Voices: Nicolas Charbonneaux, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Catherine Brunet, Martin Watier, Annie Girard, Mathieu Pichette

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