Mini-Jon and Mini-Maple

Mini-Jon and Mini-Maple

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For Mini-Jon and Mini-Maple, mini-clones of the most famous agents of Earth A, staying seated in their chairs in class is not an easy task! It’s even truer when you’re gifted and full of energy, and when you live in an agency filled with incredible and potentially dangerous gadgets! Always with an invention to create, a game to test, or something to blow up, the mini-clones bring life to an agency that already had plenty of it, but, as they say, youth must have its fling! Inspired by the book series “Mini-Jon’s Experiments”, this humorous animated series gives children the chance to follow Mini-Jon, Mini-Maple, and their giant-mutant-eye Byzantin in their wildest and wackiest adventures. After all, just because the grown-ups are off on missions doesn’t mean we can’t have a blast at home!

Discover the first season now!

Season 2, available in french, starting March 2024!

Animated Series

Target audience: 5-8 years old

Number of episodes: 24 x 3 minutes 30 seconds

Number of seasons: 1

Broadcasters: Radio-Canada and CBC

International distributor: Zodiak Kids

Directors: Olivier Brisson

Screenwriters: Rébecca Potvin-Gravel, Robin Balzano, Jonathan Jourdenais

Voices: Lucinda Davis, Holly Gauthier-Frankel, Juliette Gosselin, Don Shepherd, Wyatt Bowen, Eric Davis, Richard M. Dumont, Elizabeth Neale, Carlo Mestroni, Hugolin Chevrette

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