Super Agent Jon Le Bon! : How to Save the World in 90 Seconds

Super Agent Jon Le Bon! : How to Save the World in 90 Seconds

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Earth A is a dangerous place filled with super-villains and many impending dooms! Thankfully for its inhabitants, the Agency is there to counter any and all dangers. Composed of the very best and also the most peculiar agents there ever were, the Agency is a place where competition, awkwardnesses, and rivalries thrive!

At the center of the group is Jon Le Bon, a super-duper friendly fellow who thinks and acts outside of the bun. He’s a young deer and like no other deer, has a natural knack for saving the world while having fun and making friends with the enemy. Jon comes with a handful of teammates: Shorthand, the former agent with no hands and mentor to Jon, WXT, the overachieving muscle grunt who thinks Jon is below him, Maple, the love-struck young elephant girl with an attitude, and Martha, the Agency’s boss, who is ever in control and ahead of things.

The miniseries Super Agent Jon Le Bon: how to save the world in 90 seconds arrives on the screens. Thirty times rather than one, our heroes are preparing to do the impossible, in impossible situations, and in an impossible way to save the world! The only explosion the agents will not try to interrupt: that of your imagination.


Target audience: 7 to 9 years old

Episodes: 49 x 90 seconds

Number of seasons: 2

Broadcasters: Radio-Canada, CBC and Groupe Média TFO

International distributor: Zodiak Kids Senior Vice President of sales, Delphine Dumont (

Directors: André Kadi, Hubert Lapointe and Thierry Bouffard

Writers: Louis Patalano and Alexandra Larochelle

Voices: Dustin Milligan, Juliette Gosselin, Kathleen Fee, Carlo Mestroni, Richard M. Dumont, Bruce Dinsmore, Terrence Scammell, Mark Camacho, Vlasta Vrana, Claudia Besso, Elizabeth Neale, Don Shepherd, Eric Davis

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